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10 Reasons to Choose Digi-Camp

Posted by Mark Stansell on Jun 14, 2018 11:17:29 AM
Mark Stansell

Why do parents sign up year after year for Digi-Camp? 

The top ten reasons that Digi-Camp sells out every single year.

1. The technology is unparalleled!
From Makerbot 3D printers, to Glowforge Laser cutters, to Water Color Bot, Digi-Camp has the 21st century technology that your kids need to learn and succeed in today's digital world. And that's just the beginning.



2. The staff is amazing!
Mark and Kris are at the core of Digi-Camp with more than 50 years of classroom experience! They write, teach, and train additional staff to create an amazingly connected community of learners. Our additional staff aren't just anyone either. We select the best and brightest - and our staff turnover rate is minuscule compared to our competitors. Further, our staff are background checked and fingerprinted.

3. The environment is fun, challenging and more fun!
We aren't in school, so we invite kids to push their limits. There are no grades, no tests, no fill in the bubbles. We put tools and technology in the hands of our campers and invite them to create cool and functional things.

4. Campers meet other campers who share their love of tech!
Our camps offer many opportunities for campers to interact and share with their peers. Even our Minecraft Challenges are cooperative building events. Kids work together to share and create awesome things. We find that when camp ends, many campers remain friends for a long time. 

5. Campers become Camp Counselors .
Many of our best staff have come from former campers.  Kristin, Hannah, Max, Liam and others began their odyssey with us as 7 and 8 year old campers.  10 years later, they are working as instructors and assistants.

6. Girls thrive at Digi-Camp!
Girls who come to Digi-Camp are inspired by our largely female staff who are incredibly talented by any measure. One of our best and most versatile instructors, Alyssa, has proven again and again that girls can and do excel in STEM fields. As a computer science major in college, Alyssa has consistently scored in the top 10% of her class, while Kaitlyn, another of our talented instructors, was a super star programmer & robot champion when she attended Pine Crest High School in Fort Lauderdale.

7. Our camp prepare kids for their future - not our past!
Our schools really are not preparing kids for the future.  Schools use technology to have kids consume content - like iReady - whereas at Digi-Camp we teach kids how to create content rather than consume it. Web Building, Intro to Coding, Build & Code your Own Computer are just the beginning of how Digi-Camp teaches kids to be the creators of their own digital world.

8. Our curriculum is tried and true.
All of our content is written by Mark and Kris - with decades of classroom experience. We have tested & perfected our processes and projects to fit the needs and interests of kids of all ages. 

9. Our camps are age controlled.
We don't throw 6 and 7 year olds in a camp with 12 and 13 year olds. First, the wide gap in interests and abilities makes that a bad idea.  Secondly, campers of differing ages have differing social needs. We know that learning is a highly social event and when campers of like ages are able to work together this aspect isn't lost.

10. We won't break the bank!
While Digi-Camp is more expensive than day camp, we have consistently remained affordable even when our competitors have seen their prices skyrocket. Just check idTech and Engineering for Kids. Their prices are more than twice that of ours. In addition, their staff is seasonal and ever changing. Their training is hit or miss and kids are often left to figure things out on their own.

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