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Small Camp Numbers = Better Experiences for Kids!

Posted by Mark Stansell on May 1, 2018 9:29:30 AM
Mark Stansell

When I am speaking with potential parents about camp I am often asked, "How many campers do you have in each camp?" More often than not, I get surprised looks when I reveal that we have small numbers in our camps.

Typically we have operated with 12 to 16 kids per camp session. We have had a few outliers - where we only had 6 or 7, and a few times we have had up to 24 kids in a camp - but our space is perfectly comfortable with a small number of kids and instructors.


Rightly, parents wonder about ratios as well. "How many instructors/counselors do you have for each camp?" I am also asked.  

In all of our camp sessions we maintain a 1 to 10 counselor to camper ratio, and in most cases that number is much lower. We know that having kids' needs met in a timely fashion is key to helping them create amazing experiences in camp. When there are too many kids and not enough adult help, the ones who suffer are the kids.

Profits Before Experience = Bad Business

While it's true that camp businesses can increase their bottom line by stuffing more and more children into a room, and not increasing staff numbers, Digi-Camp has always believed that when camps do that, ultimately the experience is watered down, and kids don't want to come back.

Another unintended consequence is that your camp instructors don't enjoy their experience - likely brought on by the stress of trying to help 2 or 3 dozen kids - and ultimately don't want to return to camp each day. An unhappy camp instructor = an unhappy camp experience for everyone.

At Digi-Camp we are proud that our staff turnover rate is tiny. That's quite remarkable when you consider that camp is a seasonal job. 

The bottom line for parents and for campers is that at Digi-Camp we won't throw 30 kids in a room with one instructor and a high school volunteer and call that camp. That's babysitting and as such, should be cheap! Digi-Camp isn't cheap, and we are proud that our campers and instructors return year after year.

Email us if you have questions or ideas about our camp.  Go here to learn what we are offering this year.

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